First impressions count and if you are an established small business or just starting up, you want your literature or website to look professional, communicate your message clearly and be error free. If you are selling a product or providing a service that is your expertise and your passion.

You know your business but you may not have the time or know-how to review a document or pick up any errors. You are so involved with what you are creating you are unable to see the changes that could or should be made.

I specialise in helping small firms as that is where I spent most of my working career. I am familiar with time pressures, supply chain issues, red tape and all the everyday things you need to do to run a small business.

So let me help you by proofreading and content or copy editing the information you produce. Whether that is a website, brochure, data sheet, product information or newsletter.

I  proofread PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint. I can use Microsoft Word’s track changes tool which will show you the corrections and lets you accept or reject any other changes made.


I started my working career in the City and then joined the family business,  manufacturing woodcare products for the DIY sector. I worked with the firm for over 30 years until retiring a couple of years ago.

CMP Qualified ProofreaderI have always been interested in the English Language and appreciate how, by looking carefully at a sentence and perhaps changing just one small word, a completely different meaning is conveyed. I have helped several local organisations and friends by proofreading or copy editing newsletters, documents, company policies, product information and book chapters.  So I decided to take it further and took a proofreading and editing course with the College of Media and Publishing, which I passed with Distinction.

I want to work with small businesses by using my skills and knowledge to help them produce professional looking websites, brochures or documents. All written information a firm produces should look professional and be consistent.

‘Textspeak’  is now extremely common and certainly has a place in a busy modern world but it can accidentally creep into other forms of communication and when that happens in business documentation or information it does not look very professional.

I can help, just email me and we can discuss your requirements.


I charge a basic rate of £25 (no VAT payable) per project or text up to 1,000 words. For anything above that word count please send details and I will provide a quote. Once you accept the terms I will submit an invoice  and all sums are payable in advance.

I am keen to help and can discuss a project so you can be sure you are getting the right outcome, so please Contact Me.


“Jane – thank you. Each time I always think this time there will be no need for corrections and you always defeat me. Your help is invaluable” Dr I W, Herts

“Jane has been invaluable in proofreading our website content, to ensure it portrays a professional image, whilst enabling us to focus on our day-to-day- business” SW, Norfolk