I started my working career in the City and then joined the family business,  manufacturing woodcare products for the DIY sector. I worked with the firm for over 30 years until retiring a couple of years ago.

CMP Qualified ProofreaderI have always been interested in the English Language and appreciate how, by looking carefully at a sentence and perhaps changing just one small word, a completely different meaning is conveyed. I have helped several local organisations and friends by proofreading or copy editing newsletters, documents, company policies, product information and book chapters.  So I decided to take it further and took a proofreading and editing course with the College of Media and Publishing, which I passed with Distinction.

I want to work with small businesses by using my skills and knowledge to help them produce professional looking websites, brochures or documents. All written information a firm produces should look professional and be consistent.

‘Textspeak’  is now extremely common and certainly has a place in a busy modern world but it can accidentally creep into other forms of communication and when that happens in business documentation or information it does not look very professional.

I can help, just email me and we can discuss your requirements.